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Legacy Taste of the Garden Announces the Black Loam Conference Events

The Indiana Black Loam Conference is a pilot project by Legacy Taste of the Garden to host workshops in Evansville (2/19), Fort Wayne (2/26), Gary (3/12), and Bloomington (3/19), followed by a convention style event in Indianapolis. These events focus on the needs of the underserved Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) farmers, producers and communities.

Farming runs deep in the heritage of Legacy Taste of the Garden. Legacy has strong connections to Southern Indiana's African American farming community, Lyles Station, since before the Civil War. Legacy Taste of the Garden was created to share with others what has been learned over the generations.

Legacy’s Jamersons say that “we are excited to offer these conferences throughout the state to bring information and opportunities to BIPOC farmers, youth, producers and communities to strengthen relationships, and to build legacies and wealth in the best, richest foundations of ‘black loam soil’ available.”

This conference has come together by a dynamic team to identify the farming communities' needs in each location. Partnerships are critical, and these events include local farmers, community organizations and conservation agencies.

The Black Loam team is dedicated to building agricultural relationships, providing support to gain access to conservation information and offering training opportunities. These workshops will provide introductions to USDA programs and resources available to BIPOC and socially disadvantaged rural, urban and community producers which will assist and increase participation of USDA programs, loans, grants and scholarships, sustainable agriculture practices, business planning, and community development.

“The vision for these events is to connect BIPOC growers with conservation agency resources, and vice versa,” says Ty Simmons, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Human Agricultural Cooperative, a local Fort Wayne partner organization. Simmons continues, “we have been working on initiatives in Indiana and beyond to build friendships and bonds amongst historically oppressed growers and our Federal and state agencies that support growers.” These events continue that work.

For additional information on the Black Loam Conference and to preserve, build, connect and support Indiana’s BIPOC farmers, producers and communities, contact Denise Jamerson - Legacy Taste of the Garden at

Event details and registration: Attendance is limited to 25 growers or prospective farmers. BIPOC growers are first served.


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