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The Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI) is a program of the Indiana Conservation Partnership.


Through a Farmer-focused and Farmer-driven process, the program works with Local Level Partnerships and others to promote the adoption of practices and cropping systems that can lead to improved soil health.

CCSI’s has roots in the former Conservation Tillage Initiative, which promoted no-till across Indiana. From 2007-2009, Members of the Natural Resources Policy Committee of the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) formulated and passed a resolution committing the IASWCD to “support the scientific advancement, adoption and implementation of full time, continuous no-till/strip-till on all working lands of this state.”  


In 2009, an Oversight Committee was established and the Conservation Tillage Initiative was expanded to promote a systems approach to soil health and dubbed CCSI.

CCSI continues to promote the adoption of science-based, farmer-proven practices through grassroots leadership. Current goals and priorities are available in the 2017 CCSI Strategic Plan.



To improve soil health on Indiana's cropland.



CCSI envisions an Indiana:

  • With healthy and productive soils.

  • With clean water.

  • With profitable and resilient agriculture.

  • With healthy, diverse ecosystems.

  • Where our communities embrace a conservation ethic.  


  • Farmer-focused and farmer-driven.

  • Knowledge-based, farmer-proven solutions.

  • The strength of grassroots leadership.

  • The Indiana Conservation Partnership (ICP) and its technical and financial support of the program.

  • Improving soil health – the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans.

  • Building an additive, synergistic, systems approach to improving soil health.


Through 2017, CCSI undertook a major strategic planning process.  


Through the CCSI Annual Meeting, On-line Surveys, Telephone Surveys, and a Strategic Planning Retreat, stakeholders of the program gave shape to the plan and re-affirmed its core:  partnerships and farmers.


This Strategic Plan will provide guidance throughout the coming years on how to best utilize resources to achieve the CCSI mission of Improving Soil Health on Indiana Cropland.


CCSI Strategic Plan

CCSI Action Plan

strategic plan
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