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A Memorandum of Understanding between the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD), the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS), the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), the Indiana State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB), and Purdue University Extension Service provides the framework to jointly carry out the CCSI program.

CCSI is governed by an Oversight Committee, the members of which include two voting representatives of the IASWCD, USDA-NRCS, ISDA, SSCB, and Purdue Extension. Non-voting members include the IASWCD Executive Director and CCSI Director. Affiliate partnering and/or stakeholder organizations may be invited to serve on the Oversight Committee.

Oversight Committee meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday of the month - four in-person and the remainder by tele- or video-conference.

Current Oversight Committee Members include:

  • Jennifer Thum (ISDA Division of Soil Conservation Deputy Director), Chair

  • Kenny Cain (SSCB Chair)

  • Ray Chattin (SSCB Member)

  • Trevor Laureys (ISDA Division of Soil Conservation Director)

  • Eileen Kladivko (Purdue Extension / Purdue University Professor of Agronomy)

  • Stan Moore (IASWCD / Kosciusko County SWCD Supervisor)

  • Darrell Nicholson (USDA-NRCS Southeast Indiana Area Conservationist)

  • Walt Sell (Purdue Extension Asst Program Leader for Ag and Natural Resources)

  • Shannon Zezula (USDA-NRCS State Resource Conservationist)

  • Les Zimmerman (IASWCD / Vermillion County SWCD Supervisor)

  • Mike Dunn (The Nature Conservancy Director of Indiana Freshwater Programs, non-voting)

  • Joe Schmees (IASWCD Executive Director, typically non-voting)

  • Lisa Holscher (CCSI Director, non-voting)