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The trendline for sustainable agriculture continues to increase. 

“Regenerative Ag,” “Climate Change” and “Carbon Reduction” are all top buzz words. No matter what your organization’s focus, these over-arching dilemmas remain: Expanding soil health practice adoption beyond early adopters into mainstream groups of farmers, and accurately measuring that progress.

The Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative of Indiana (CCSI), along with the Indiana Conservation Partnership and other partners in the state, are positioned to deliver consistent, farmer-proven, science-based education and technical assistance to farmers, their trusted advisors and other industry influencers on soil health farming practices.


In addition, continued technical evolution of long-term tillage and cover crop tracking by Indiana Conservation Partners provides a ready-made, adaptable infrastructure to measure progress towards sustainability goals.

We’re determined to clearly demonstrate the concerted effort in clean, sustainable processes that are more than just “green washing,” and that the honest efforts are making a real, postive impact on the globe. 

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Learn how CCSI can help you track and measure progress in your sustainable ag program.

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Achieve your Soil Health Goals with CCSI Tools, Training & Partnership

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