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Healthy Soil

Impacts Us All.

We love soil.

And we think everybody should, too. 

We know that "healthy soil" probably isn't something you think about every day or talk about at the dinner table. 

But, what if you knew that there were parts of your everyday life that could be significantly better – or worse – depending on the condition of the soil five, fifty and even a hundred miles from you?

What if you learned about things you could do today that could directly improve the soil around you . . . and benefit entire surrounding communities, including your own?

Image by Alex Wigan

We created the campaign #LovINsoil to provide awareness and education about soil health for everyone across our state.

Soil is quite literally the foundation of where we live, work and play. We believe that by pulling together and pitching in, we can all make a significant difference in improving its quality – and the quality of life for everyone.

More to Come.

As our campaign takes root, we'll be posting more on this page. Stop back often to learn and grow with us. Sign up below to receive notifications about new elements here. 

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