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Healthy Soil

Impacts Us All.

We love soil.

And we think everybody should, too. 

We know that "healthy soil" probably isn't something you think about every day or talk about at the dinner table. 

But, what if you knew that there were parts of your everyday life that could be significantly better – or worse – depending on the condition of the soil five, fifty and even a hundred miles from you?

What if you learned about things you could do today that could directly improve the soil around you . . . and benefit entire surrounding communities, including your own?

Image by Alex Wigan

Support the Soil

that Supports Indiana. 

We created the billboard campaign #LovINsoil to provide awareness and education about soil health for everyone across our state.

Soil is quite literally the foundation of where we live, work and play. We believe that by pulling together and pitching in, we can all make a significant difference in improving its quality – and the quality of life for everyone.

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Dirt vs. Soil

Do you know the difference? If you've seen this billboard, maybe you've been curious about "dirt" that might be in your yard or mixed in with your mulch - and the deep, rich healthy SOIL that's been cultivated with rich nutrients and good for so many purpurposes. 

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We Heart Soil!

We hope you do, too. 

We would love to see how YOU love soil and all the impacts of it. Whether you're a farmer, agronomist, conservationist, or a suburban family living "downstream" from soil that's being cared for in the Indiana heartlands . . . 

Send us your photos!

How are you enriching our state's soil? How have you benefited from it?

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Let's bottom-line this. 

We've been telling you how important healthy soil is. This last installment of our billboard series breaks it down. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of developing rich, healthy soil.

Cleaner water.

Because of the strong root systems dug deeply into soil that's been cover-cropped and not tilled, excessive rain water stays in the soil, reducing run-off and preventing nutrients and sediment from entering our streams and rivers. 

Happier fish.

The natural result of cleaner water is a healthier fish population extending throughout the state and beyond. 

Lower dust & better air.

Soil that is rich with nutrients and moisture tends to be less dusty, creating a better air quality on farms and throughout the state.

Productive pollinators.

Butterflies, bees and other insects who work hard to transport pollen have a whole lot more to work with on cover-cropped fields!

Diverse wildlife.

Systems that promote diverse populations of beneficial insects, earthworms, and other organisms supports life up nature's food chain. Healthy fields teem with all kinds of life!

Fights climate change.

Healthy soils can be a superhero to combat climate change. The system protects the soil to prevent the oxidation ("rusting") or soil organic matter. Increase organic matter can sequester carbon. From fuel to chemical inputs, fossil fuels can be reduced. Feed the world and protect the planet – all in a day's work for a superhero!

Better food quality.

Nutrient-dense soil produces nutrient-dense food. That research is growing stronger and stronger. The food industry is quickly shifting to giving strong preference to farms that use sustainable and regenerative practices. 

Stronger bottom line for farmers. 

The result of THIS is a very stable "future-proof" farm for those who produce the food that fuels Indiana and our nation. Adopting agricultural practices that are both soil-friendly and nutrient-rich is a strong step toward the turning tide of regulations intended to create a better food supply chain for everyone. And farmer benefit strongly as a result. 

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