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Outreach Planning


CCSI has resources to help you plan, promote & execute your next outreach project.

We work with local partners to target marketing to local audiences while still providing consistent messaging on soil health principles to farmers, their trusted advisors and other influencers of cropping decisions.

Developing a focused, on-point project with cohesive communication is difficult enough. Our partnership assists teams with small staff, limited budget & short timelines to successfully accomplish their goals. 

  • Whether your organization needs full-level assistance to plan and execute an event or a limited amount of promotions, CCSI can provide assistance with your soil health outreach efforts.

  • Your events are still your own. CCSI provides support and assistance wherever we can, however you need.

  • Leverage CCSI’s expansive network to reach your goals.

    • Since 2010, CCSI has been cultivating a vibrant association of farmers, agricultural professionals, researchers, conservation specialists, and others, enabling us to draw on a wide range of expert speakers.  

    • CCSI staff can help you select speakers and topics that will resound with your target audience.

Meetings Matter


Outreach and education are critical for when someone is trying to adopt a soil health practice. CCSI can help you exceed your outreach and education goals.  


Who do you want to attend your event?
What should they walk away knowing, understanding & prepared to do? 


Using questions like these, we’ll step you through the key planning for your meetings to achieve optimal success for everyone involved.

White-Labeled Services


CCSI understands the importance of elevating your organizations’ brand.  We work behind-the-curtain and in-the-wings to help you promote and leverage your programs and to get more conservation on the ground.

CCSI can provide:

  • White-labeled event planning

  • White-labeled message delivery



From administrative assistants to technicians to educators and conservationists, every person who comes in contact with a farmer or landowner is important. Those first moments of contact provide information to set someone on a path toward implementing conservation-minded practices. 


Researchers from both Purdue University and Ohio State University show that consistent messages are pivotal to adoption of conservation practices, including soil health. 

CCSI’s soil health curriculum was developed by Indiana partners to ensure a consistent farmer-proven, science-based training on soil health systems across all partners.

The Curriculum is tiered to experience level:



Core Soil Health Systems

Core Cover Crops

3-Day Soil Health Trainings


Advanced Soil Health Systems

Advanced Cover Crops

These advanced trainings are adapted annually based upon farmer input, cropping season issues, or identified staff needs.

Additional Tools


Monthly Soil Health Podcasts

  • Available here on our site, and on Hoosier Ag Today, Stitcher, Spotify, ApplePodcasts & GooglePlay.

  • Print-ready Podcast Supplements are available for download for your next event.

  • Newsletter blurbs and photos can be copied for your own newsletters or local media.


Soil Health Events Calendar and Newsletter

  • Listing of events with soil health components throughout Indiana and surrounding states.

  • Submit your event for inclusion in our newsletter and calendar, including automatic postings to Facebook and Twitter. (Event should include a soil health component geared towards crop/rangelands.)


Shared imagery

  • CCSI regularly receives field images from partners. This photo library is available for the general public for promotion and marketing.

  • Photos are posted on Flickr with information about location, context and photo credits to be used.


Social Media

  • Follow CCSI on Social Media to stay up to date on events, soil health happenings and trends in the ag and conservation communities.

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