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Gifts of Grain


Gifting grain directly to CCSI, rather than selling the commodity and making a gift of proceeds may offer more significant tax savings. Gifting grain allows you to avoid the sale of the commodity as income, while production costs may still be deductible. Please consult your tax professional to determine tax implications prior to making a gift.

General Guidelines:

  • You must be a farm operator to make a gift of grain. There is no recognized income, but the charitable deduction is limited to basis, which is ordinarily zero. Typically, your cost of raising and growing the grain can be deducted as farm business expense.

  • Be sure the gift is grain commodities, and not a grain storage receipt. A grain storage receipt could be considered a cash equivalent. CCSI must be able to demonstrate "control and dominion" over the gifted grain. As a donor, you cannot offer CCSI any guidance on when to sell the commodity.

  • Be sure to complete Farm Service Agency certification before making a gift of grain. This step is imperitive if you annually certify or document bushels of production with FSA through various agricultural subsidy programs. 

The bulk of CCSI agreements are currently funded through public and private organizations.  We would like to acknowledge and thank those partners:  USDA-NRCS, the National Association of Conservation Districts, Cargill, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana TNC, and Purdue University. 


Any donations or financial contributions made to CCSI will be used to cover expenses not funded under these agreements. Your donation or sponsorship matters. By contributing to the work of CCSI, you're enriching the future that impacts us all. The results of healthy cropland soil literally flow downstream – across the entire state and to points beyond. 

Thank you for your generous, tax-deductible support to strengthen our work.

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