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Mike Shuter (Madison County)

Mike Shuter seeds cover crops into standing corn.

Mike Shuter is a big believer in building healthy soils and he wants to give cover crops every possible day to help him do it. That means seeding cover crops into standing corn and soybeans so the soil-building cover is up and running before harvest.

He has designed a high-clearance seeder to help him achieve this goal. After years of trial and modification on his own unit, he’s now custom-building them for other farmers eager to seed their cover crops early and often.

Mike states, “A lot of these cover crops -annual ryegrass, especially- need to have good growth in the fall to get good root development. With better root development, we’ll get soil organic matter and we’re developing soil health,” Shuter says. “Part of our evolution in cover crops is getting them seeded earlier every year.”  


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