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INfield Advantage Cover Crop Trials

Registration for the INField Advantage (INFA) Cover Crop Trial Program is open now until August 1, 2022.

The purpose of the INFA Cover Crop Trial Program is to determine whether cover crops could be beneficial on YOUR farm. Participants will share their previous and anticipated cropping and management details with program leaders. Data is aggregated so privacy remains intact for participants.

Field Requirements:

  • Field must be registered with INFA

  • Field must be 40-80 acres

  • Field must be new to cover crops OR has been enrolled in INFA previously

  • Split trial with 20-40 acre section planted in cover crops

Cover crops will be determined based on what the grower anticipates planting in the field in the Spring of 2023. Oats & radish or annual rye and radish will be used ahead of corn. Cereal rye & radish or cereal rye and rapeseed will be used ahead of soybeans. Free cover crop will be shipped directly to the grower with mixes subject to change depending on availability. The grower may apply the cover crops in a manner that works best within their operation, as well as terminate using the method of their choosing.

Data collected during the trial includes:

  1. Document tillage, fertilizer applications, harvest date and yield data. This information will be beneficial when reviewing results and planning for the next year's crop.

  2. Comprehensive chemical soil test. INFA team will arrange for a 0-8” sample to be taken at soil health assessment timing (see below) to capture soil pH, nitrate-N, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, and boron.

  3. Soil health assessment. INFA team will collect soil for soil health assessments in both treatment areas. The soil health assessment will include the following set of indicators: soil organic carbon (ppm), aggregate stability (%), bioavailable nitrogen (mg/g dry weight), respiration (mg CO2/g dry weight) and active carbon (ppm).

  4. Tissue sampling. INFA team will arrange to collect the above ground portion of the cover crops prior to termination to determine nutrient load in the tissue.

Participation Benefits:

  • Soil test results of both fields

  • Biomass Tissue Test (cover crop field)

  • TruTerra Sustainability Score and Profitability Report

  • Field to Market Field Print Report

  • Access to INfield advantage Agronomists

  • Invitation to Winter Meeting(s)

  • $200 Signing Bonus for New Participants

Cover Crop Trial Timeline:

  • June + July – Enrollment forms are completed

  • August + September – Seeds are delivered to participants

  • September – Soil sampling begins

  • November – Biomass sampling begins

  • October - December – Phase 2 cover crop harvest forms are completed

A webinar was recently held outlining all of the details of the INFA Cover Crop Trial Program. You can watch the replay of the webinar HERE. Please reach out with any questions you may have!


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