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Earth Day 2020


The mission of CCSI is to improve soil health on Indiana cropland. We strive to educate producers about conservation practices that will benefit their operation and benefit the earth. As stewards of Earth’s natural resources, farmers also depend upon those resources for their livelihood. All of us have a stake in their ability to continue to feed the world. Earth Day provides a fitting opportunity for each of us to examine how our own choices and lifestyles can impact the Earth. There is power in even the smallest changes if enough of us make them!

Earth Day is an annual event held around the world on April 22. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Chances are good that each of us has had multiple events to which we were looking forward be canceled during the current crisis. Earth Day celebrations that would have been taking place this month are among the countless event cancellations to occur in recent weeks.

With a little creativity we can safely celebrate and honor Mother Earth this month, as well as commit to making lasting changes to help protect the Earth.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Do some deep spring cleaning! In addition to washing windows and walls, think about taking stock of things you really don’t use or need around your house. Gather up items that can be recycled once restrictions are lifted or those that are in good condition that can be donated to people in need.

  • Move your workout outdoors! Gyms are closed, but there are plenty of workout options available online. Look for a calming and relaxing yoga workout or a heart-pumping cardio session to engage in and take your laptop outdoors. If you have been taking walks to enjoy fresh air, bring a bag with you and collect litter to clean up your neighborhood.

  • Take a scavenger hunt around your home with your family. Find ways that you can reduce waste, as well as energy and water consumption. Commit to eliminating single-use plastics in your home. Take your own reusable mug to your favorite coffee shop for refills. Shop your local farmer’s market where items don’t have to be transported as far or refrigerated for any length of time. The bonus is enjoying fresh produce from local growers!

  • Search for nature themed podcasts and reading materials that are of interest to you. Learn how to compost or grow your own herbs!

  • When businesses reopen and people can gather again, consider contacting your local USDA NRCS agency to become an earth team volunteer. Earth team volunteers work with conservation professionals on private lands to improve soil quality, conserve water, improve air quality and enhance wildlife habitat. The program is open to those who are 14 years of age and older.

  • Find digital Earth Day activities at

Those of you with other ideas, please feel free to share them with us! We’d love to know how you’re celebrating this 50th anniversary of protecting our planet!

We are all in this together!


Sheila Schroeder

Northern Program Manager, Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative


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