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Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership

Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We are thrilled to be part of Indiana’s Conservation Partnership (ICP) and all the work being done by multiple organizations and agencies to increase the knowledge of and implementation of soil health practices by Indiana’s producers. THANK YOU to all the ICP member organizations and the many producers who allow us to be part of this important journey with you!

As you know, Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative underwent a re-branding earlier this year, launching a new logo and a new website in celebration of our 10th anniversary. The new website,, is a one-stop-shop site where you’ll find all things soil health, including:

  • Photos - Photos that used to be housed on another platform are now found on a link at the website: These photos are available to you to use in your flyers, promotional materials, presentations and more. You will find photos on cover crop termination, water quality, erosion, fertilizer application, planting green, cover crop mixes and plenty more!

  • Event registration - Event registration is available on site as well, rather than using another platform. If you would like CCSI to handle the registration for your event through our website, please let us know!

  • Event calendar – Webinars, conferences, trainings, field days and more can be found on the website’s event calendar. If you have an event related to soil health that you would like added to the calendar, just let us know!

  • Social media links – Links to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages can be found on the website.

  • Other features include this blog, podcast recordings, notes from the monthly regional teleconferences and more! If you would like to receive an invitation to the monthly teleconference, please send us an email at to be added!

A billboard campaign was launched earlier this year highlighting the importance of soil health utilizing the hashtag #LovINSoil. Hopefully many of you have seen the billboards throughout the state this spring and summer. A couple of our partners have expressed interest in using the powerful images in that campaign to promote some of their local events, something we are in the process of making available. Let us know if this is something that interests your organization!

This summer, CCSI also launched a new Facebook page. The new page was necessary in order to provide access to all the features available to business accounts on Facebook. We will now be better able to help promote partner events and accomplishments and spread the soil health message to an even greater number of viewers. PLEASE help us spread the word about the new page and please like us on Facebook at for all the latest news and soil health events in Indiana and around the world!

Sheila Schroeder CCSI Nothern Program Manager


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